First post…..

Testing, testing…..hello? Is this thing on? OK, good.

So this is my first entry after deciding to take up residency in the world of the blogosphere (yeah, let’s see spell check try to nix “blogosphere).

The funny thing is, for someone who loves to write and whose father once told him, “you’ve been known to take a quote and shove it up someone’s “backside”, I really am at a loss with regards to the topic of my first entry.

I’m not going to ramble on about who I am, what I like, my hobbies, etc etc blah blah blah because this isn’t the “About Me” page on an internet dating site.  Hopefully, the content’s quality will do that for me.

So without dragging this out much further, I’ll close by saying that, like the rest of you other bloggers, I share a love and a passion for writing and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and views on a variety of topics and reading some great writing by the rest of you.  Let the journey begin.

Now, back to those TPS reports….

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